Our Services

Drs. Bare, Basic, & Rohm Optometrists services include eye health and wellness exam, eyeglass prescriptions, contact lens services, evaluation of eye-related problems from medical conditions, and co-management of LASIK or refractive surgery.

Wellness Examinations
A typical eye health examination includes: health review, vision field screening, distance and near vision testing, retinal evaluation, cataract screening, glaucoma screening and macular degeneration screening.

If glasses are required to help your vision, we will provide you with a prescription to be filled. Return visits are scheduled depending on your findings.

Contact Lens Services
We fit all major brands and types of contact lenses including spherical, astigmatic, multifocal, single use, and oxygen-permeable rigid lenses. We also provide training in insertion, removal, and care of lenses.

Medical Eye Care
We can diagnose, monitor and treat medical eye problems such as eye infections, dry eye, floaters, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma, and the ocular manifestations of systemic problems like diabetes, hypertension and headaches. If we are unable to treat you, we will refer you to an appropriate specialist for further care.

LASIK or Refractive Surgery Co-management
We are co-managing providers with both TLC Laser Eye Centers and LASIKPro. We can assess your potential candidacy for laser vision correction and provide pre-op/post-op care.