Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have listed the questions most frequently asked by Drs. Bare, Basic, & Rohm patients. If you have a question that doesn’t appear here, please call us at 434.971.2020 or send e-mail to


What insurance do you accept?
We are participating providers with the following medical insurances for medically-related examinations- those related to eye problems like conjunctivitis, cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration or to systemic problems like headaches, high blood pressure, and diabetes:

-Tricare Prime/Prime Remote
-Anthem/ Blue Cross Blue Shield
-Coventry/ Southern Health
-United Healthcare
-Optima Health

We are participating providers with the following insurances for Vision Wellness Examinations- those with non-medical findings:

-Aetna Discount (UVa)
-Blue View Vision (most plans)
-Davis Vision
-MES Vision
-Superior Vision
-Tricare Prime/Prime Remote
-VSP (Plans With Out of Network Benefits)
-Virginia Medicaid (All Plans)

Please bring your insurance cards with you to your visit.  Even if we do not participate with your insurance company, you can still receive your eye care from us.  We will have you pay for your visit the day of your exam, and we will provide you with an itemized receipt which you can file with your insurance company to receive any available out-of-network reimbursement.

Do you fit contact lenses?
Yes, we fit all types of contact lenses including: spherical, astigmatic, multifocal, single use, and oxygen-permeable rigid lenses. We also provide training in insertion, removal, and care of lenses. Contact lens services are an additional cost, and may not be covered by insurance. Any non-covered fees are due at the time of exam.

Do you sell glasses?
No, we do not sell glasses. We are conveniently located next door to VisionWorks and they would be happy to fill your updated glasses prescription; alternatively, you may take your prescription to the optician of your choice to obtain glasses.

Do you do LASIK surgery?
While we do not perform LASIK surgery itself, we have co-managed LASIK and PRK procedures with both TLC Laser Eye Centers and LASIKPro for over 10 years. We determine candidacy for the procedure and perform both pre-operative and post-operative exams.

Do you examine children?
Yes, we see children ages 4 and up, and can refer younger children to appropriate providers as needed.

How often should I have my eyes examined?
We recommend comprehensive examinations be done every one to two years depending on age, family history, health status, and eye health.

Why should I have my eyes dilated?
Eye dilation enables the doctor to fully view the interior of the eye to assess the retinal and macular health. It is particularly important for patients with diabetes and those who are extremely near-sighted. Dilation briefly impairs near vision and causes light sensitivity for several hours. We advise that you exercise caution performing daily activities until any drops used have worn off.

What should I bring to my exam?
Please bring your glasses, current contact lens prescription, a list of your current medications, your vision and medical insurance cards, and a method of payment if your insurance does not completely cover the cost of your exam.